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  AccLink for AyaNovaź



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AyaNovaź Accounting link - AccLink - is a new product that enables you to link your accounting software with the AyaNovaź service management software.

The Lite version links or imports your accounting software customers, items/products and jobs to AyaNovaź Clients, Parts, and Projects. The full version will enable you to extract AyaNovaź work orders and import them as Invoices into your accounting software.

The Lite version is available now. The full version is currently in development.

AccLink currently works with MYOB and Sage Line50, with plans to extend it to other accounting packages (e.g. Quickbooks) in the future.

Features of AccLink Lite:


  • Import/Link MYOB Customers to AyaNova Clients

  • Import/Link MYOB Inventory Items to AyaNova Parts

  • Import/Link MYOB Activities to AyaNova Rates

  • Import/Link MYOB Jobs (non header) to AyaNova Projects

  • Auto-Link matching accounting records with existing AyaNova records

  • Auto-Import all or selected accounting records

Sage Line50

  • Import/Link Line50 Customers to AyaNova Clients

  • Import/Link Line50 Products to AyaNova Parts

  • Import/Link Line50 Products to AyaNova Rates

  • Auto-Link matching accounting records with existing AyaNova records

  • Auto-Import all or selected accounting records

AccLink has been designed to be highly customisable to enable us to adapt the product to suit most companies needs. If you have a particular requirement for an accounting link we will be happy to adapt AccLink to suit.




  • MYOB Professional v11-14

  • MYOB Premier V4-5

  • MYOB ODBC drivers obtainable installable through MYOB Tools item on Program Menu. Only one registration key is required for multiple company files as long as they have the same MYOB registration key. (AccLink Demo versions can be used without registration with Clearwater demo data file)


Sage Line50

  • Line50 v8.x

  • The ODBC drivers are supplied and installed with your software

  • Testing of AccLink  for v9.x will commence in the near future



A demo version is available for AccLink Lite for AyaNovaź. Download and install the zip archive below.  When running the software for the first time press F1 to access the help files and read the section Beginning AccLink before continuing.

Note: To install MYOB ODBC Direct drivers click on your Start Menu->Program Files->MYOB->Tools->Set-up ODBC Direct.

-> Download demo version AccLink Lite v1 (2.86MB Zip file)

To keep the download small MDAC 2.8 (MS Data Access Components) has been removed from the set-up kit.  This should be already installed if you have AyaNova installed on your PC.  If you experience problems installing or running AccLink please contact us on +61 8 8410 9522 or by email

Alternatively email us and we will post you a full set-up kit on CD.


AyaNovaź Service Management Software

AyaNovaź service management software has powerful features to help manage all aspects of service including automated work orders, dispatching, scheduling, preventive maintenance, searchable knowledgebase, loaners, customer equipment tracking, management reports and more.  See

AyaNovaź is either a registered trademark or trademark of Ground Zero Tech-Works Inc. in the United States and/or other counties.

 -> Overview
 -> Requirements
 -> Download Demo Version
 -> AyaNovaź Service Management Software


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