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  Networks - Network Management Services

ADSL Internet Connections
Super fast Internet connections are now a reality for every business.  They can be used to supply 'always-on' internet and email services to all employees.  The benefits are:

  • 5x-26x faster download speeds than a 56K dial-up modem

  • Receive and send emails instantly any time

  • Free-up a phone line when using the Internet

  • Create a secure network between work sites or work from home

  • Shared Internet connection can cope with a large number of users simultaneously

The following pricing plans are based on SE Net ADSL (SEdsl) services and do not include any hardware required to share the connection.  The advantage of these plans is that we can tailor the set-up for each business whether that be a firewall (security) router to share the internet or a VPN (Virtual Private Network) router to create a network with other sites.

The other advantages of the SEdsl internet plans are: no requirement to pre-select Telstra for your phone bill, and only a 3month commitment is required to begin.

SEdsl Speed and Data Options

Data Included

Price Inc. GST*

ADSL Once off Setup Fee



SEdsl 256k/64k 500MB

500MB incoming data

$69.00 per month

SEdsl 256k/64k 1500MB

1500MB incoming data

$99.00 per month

SEdsl 512k/128k 1000MB

1000MB incoming data

$99.00 per month

SEdsl 512k/512k 1500MB (Symmetric)

1500MB incoming data

$179.00 per month

SEdsl 512k/512k 4000MB (Symmetric)

4000MB incoming data

$275.00 per month

SEdsl 512k/128k 4000MB

4000MB incoming data

$179.00 per month

SEdsl 1500k/256k 3000MB

3000MB incoming data

$199.00 per month

SEdsl 1500k/256k 10GB

10GB incoming data

$440.00 per month

Excess Data Invoiced Monthly in Arrears $0.15/MB $150 per GB

All include one Static IP address if required.
* 5% discount if paid one year in advance on SEdsl plans.
** These prices were correct as of April 03. Prices may change without notice, please call for more information.



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