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Software - Integrated Business Applications

Software - Introduction to Integrated Business Applications

 -> Custom Software - Designed to suit your business
 -> Accounting Integration - Change your software not your business
 -> Database Applications - Information at your fingertips
 -> Return on Investment - Save money and frustration

Networks - Network Management Services

Networks - Introduction to Network Management Services

 -> Deploy and Manage - Cut your support costs
 -> Risk Management - Are you covered?
 -> Remote Connectivity - Permanent internet saves time and money
           -> ADSL Internet Connections page

Web - Web Sites and Internet Services

Web - Introduction to Web Sites and Internet Services

  -> Establish a Presence - everything you need to know

Getting on the Net Tour
1. Domain Name Registration
2. Web Site Hosting

3. Web Site Templates

4. Web Site Development

5. Web Site Submission and Optimisation Services

6. Web Site Advertising

7. Animation & Programming including Java, Javascript and Flash

8. E-Commerce, B2B and B2C

 -> Redevelop a Website - make it useful
 -> Business Online - the way of the future?
 -> Internet Applications - reduce management and deployment costs

Business - Business Streamlining Services

Business - Introduction to Business Process Improvement

 -> Process Modelling - Analyse, Document, Improve
 -> Quality Management - Everyone knows where they stand
 -> CD Business Cards - Presentations, Catalogues, Advertising

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