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Custom Software
Visual Automation can tailor software to meet your needs.  We use a range of databases, applications and programming languages to build a solution that fits your environment, your requirements and, importantly, your budget.

  • Client/Server databases for networks and WANs (SQL Server)

  • Desktop databases for low-cost rapid application development (MS Access)

  • Windows Applications (Visual Basic and VB.Net)

  • Browser-based Internet or Intranet applications (JAVA, VB.Net, HTML)

Through our willingness to be flexible we have been able to satisfy the software requirements of both corporate and small business, striving to deliver a solution that is both effective and practical.

"We'll get to know your business and provide you with personal attention, good advice and a solution that will make your business work better."

How can we help you?
 -> Custom Software - Designed to suit your business
 -> Accounting Integration - Change your software not your business
 -> Database Applications - Information at your fingertips
 -> Return on Investment - Save money and frustration


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