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Database Applications
Database applications can be used for anything from keeping track of your customer's jobs to managing a large scale project. The real power of database applications is the ability to share the data with multiple users at once.

Visual Automation has extensive experience in using the Microsoft Access database engine to quickly build user friendly databases.  Using the programmable application interface provided by MS Access means software can be built in days not weeks or months.

For larger database deployments we can supply custom interfaces for SQL Server.  This 'Client-Server' database benefits from running on a Server Operating System meaning increased data response times and reduced network traffic. This makes SQL Server great for large databases, a wider user base or for wide-area distributed applications.

We specialise in:

  • Rapid development of MS Access databases

  • Troubleshooting and re-work of existing Access databases

  • Report writing for Access and SQL Server databases (Crystal Decisions)

  • 'Upsizing' Access databases to faster SQL Server implementations 

How can we help you?
 -> Custom Software - Designed to suit your business
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