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Accounting Integration
Customised software need not start from scratch. We encourage 'vertical' application development and systems integration.

Many commercial accounting products can be enhanced, modified and improved to fit your business model.  By building on top of (vertical to) your current software you can fully realise the potential of your investment.

We can use data from, and update data, in MYOB, Pastel, Sage or Quickbooks via special programming interfaces that enable your accounting software to be converted into business management software - tailored to the way your business operates.

The applications are limitless:

  • Custom Sales Order tracking modules

  • Improved Job tracking and scheduling

  • Specialised service and time billing applications

  • Job timesheets accessible to your staff on the Internet or mobile devices 

How can we help you?
 -> Custom Software - Designed to suit your business
 -> Accounting Integration - Change your software not your business
 -> Database Applications - Information at your fingertips
 -> Return on Investment - Save money and frustration

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