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Business Online
Many people have discovered the advantage of doing business online.  Paying bills, placing orders and accessing product support on the web can save your customers time and in turn help streamline your business processes.

Doing business online may encompass a wide range of solutions:

  • Shopping online - An online product catalogue can be an effective tool as part of an overall sales strategy.  If you do sell goods online however you must have a range of business procedures to protect your customers and yourself.  To find out the best ways of selling products online click here to see our eCommerce page...

  • Accessing Dynamic Information - For information that may change regularly, or for providing maintainable information online, you can make your web pages dynamic.  A database-driven dynamic web page can be updated immediately, allowing the content to be linked into your products list (for example).

  • Selling Services - If you sell services or information the internet is a great tool for example: pay-for-use services or free services that may be offered to registered customers.  If your a distributor you can even offer your catalogue to be incorporated into your reseller's web pages.

  • Mobile Business - Like to work from home or have your mobile staff place orders online that you can directly import into your accounting system?  Click here for our Intranet Applications page...

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