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Establish a Presence
Visual Automation provides a complete Internet service to get you on the web quickly and with a minimum of effort. We can offer web page design, hosting and email set-up services including a number of package deals to make establishing an online presence easier.

Take our 'Getting on the Net' tour below. . .

  1. Domain Name Registration - Check or register a Domain name and protect your company identity on the internet.

  2. Web Site Hosting - Maximum up-time, minimum fuss, private FTP and email maintenance.  We can offer a wide range of plans and options.

  3. Web Site Templates - If you don't want to pay big money for an image overhaul, try our templates for a low cost web site.  Do it yourself or let us add your details.

  4. Web Site Development - Need to redecorate? Still advertising last year's model? We can add database functionality to your web page to keep it up-to-date and make it easier to maintain.

  5. Web Site Submission and Optimisation - Improve your coverage and search engine rankings and draw more people to your site.

  6. Web Site Advertising - Marketing can help improve your profile and web page success.

  7. Animation & Programming including Java, Javascript and Flash - The internet can offer more than static pages - multimedia, special effects, information delivery, and an on-line office.

  8. E-Commerce, B2B and B2C - You don't need to outlay a lot of money to build an e-commerce site. We can show you a simple, self-maintained solution that may even integrate with your existing software.

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How can we help you?
 -> Establish a Presence - everything you need to know
 -> Redevelop a Website - make it useful
 -> Business Online - the way of the future
 -> Intranet Applications - reduce management and deployment costs

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