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Redevelop a Website
Visual Automation can add style, simplicity and functionality to your web site. When building a website we first determine why you want people to come to your web site, who you are targeting and what impression you want to leave with them. These are the main criteria in determining the look, feel and content of your site.

We subscribe to the following philosophies:

  • Less Graphics - While the graphic elements contribute to the overall impression of your web site, research has shown that people visit a web site for the content not the graphics. Visitors don't like waiting for pages to load so graphic elements should only be used as cues, to highlight content, or if they are essential to the page design.

  • Consistent Design - The design should be unified throughout each page and should convey an impression of your company to the visitor. We always use a 'Style Sheet' to ensure the look and feel is consistent on each page.

  • Simple Navigation - The ability of visitors to see what content is on your site and access it quickly determines how long people will stay to browse. A Site Map is important and in most cases we prefer text based links as they load quickly and the visitor knows where they've been.

  • Layout for Everyone - It is important that each visitor leaves with the same impression. Good layout options are used to cater for visitor's screen resolution and browsing software.

  • Attention to Printing - There is nothing worse than printing a page of information and finding half of it cut off. Many visitors will print important information for later reference so the attention to the print layout or a print button is important.

  • Call to Action - If you want your site to be more than just an advertisement you need a 'call to action'. Ask the visitor to fill out a survey, subscribe to a newsletter or submit a question to you via email. Now you have made the first important step in gaining a customer - getting their permission to talk to them.

  • Anticipate the Questions - As visitors to your web site cannot ask you questions directly you must provide them with a forum to ask questions or anticipate their questions and provide the answers. This is done through good site content or by providing a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

  • Functionality - Companies are starting to want more return from their web page investment than advertising. Web sites can provide extra functions for regular customers or staff. See our Business Online section.

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